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Team Building Events with a Buzz...

Searching for a fun, fascinating and inspirational team experience? Then A to Bee can offer something that’s absolutely unique.  In fact, we guarantee that you and your team members will never have done anything quite like this before!

If honey bees were a business, they would be one of the biggest industries in the world.  Bees pollinate over one third of all the food we eat – with an estimated value of almost $200billion each year.  Perhaps what’s more amazing is that honey bees run sophisticated, efficient, highly-coordinated non-hierarchical organisations that can teach humans a thing or two about how to run a business.

Whether you would simply like to learn about the fascinating world of the honey bee and peek inside a hive, or spend the day discovering how your business could benefit from the wisdom of the bees, A to Bee can help you

You can include an A to Bee experience as part of an away day, or we can give your team a complete experience that lasts all day and even includes an overnight stay in a luxury country house hotel.


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                         “Getting to see inside a hive and even handle the bees was a unique and thrilling experience for everyone in the team.  However, discovering the amazing cross-overs between honey bees and corporate life in terms of work ethics, leadership, communication, and organisational skills, was both eye-opening and incredibly relevant! 

“Our day with A to Bee was fascinating, thought-provoking, and very memorable – in fact, the team has continued to talk about it for months.”

Director - Group Retail Strategy

Barnaby Davis

Nationwide Building Society