A bit about us...

A to Bee is run by husband and wife team, Richard and Varsha Rickitt.

Richard has twenty years’ experience in the film and television industry.  He was founder and managing director of a London based company which produced digital visual effects for many well-known television programmes.  He is the author of several books about the history and technology of special effects - including what is considered the definitive work on the subject. He has lectured on the subject in the UK and abroad.  Following his move from London to Wiltshire he established a production company making animated and live-action educational programmes with BBC children’s star Justin Fletcher (Mr Tumble). 

Richard is an experienced and qualified beekeeper who is passionate about telling people all about the amazing world of the Honey bee.  He teaches beekeeping courses in Wiltshire and is the editor of the magazine HoneyBee Times.  He spends many hours observing the behaviour of his bees, and it is this which led him to recognise the amazing parallels between honey bee colonies and human organisations.

Varsha is an experienced conference and events organiser, having worked with many leading film and television producers, directors, and stars to produce events for The London International Film Festival and the Edinburgh Television Festival.  She has also organised events for the Institute of Fundraising and Bath University, amongst others.  Varsha is also fascinated by honey bees – but prefers to keep them at a distance!



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