Bees Mean Business


Strange though it might sound, a heaving swarm of tens of thousands of bees is in fact a highly coordinated, efficient, and astonishingly productive organisation.  Bees have been successfully running their businesses for over 30-million years, so we think they may have more than a thing or two to teach us humans!

If your organisation refers to John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership model, then you might be amazed to discover that his famous ‘Three Circles’ model can be perfectly applied to the beehive!

As well as learning all about the bees, we will visit their headquarters and observe them hard at work.

This inspirational experience is highly relevant to all levels of management.  After all, who wouldn’t want a company that was as efficient, organised and productive as a bee hive? 

Beehive Yourself!

If you want to build a team - why not build a hive?  This great team building activity has co-workers rolling up their sleeves to build their own bee-hive! Building a hive doesn’t require sophisticated carpentry skills and involves only the use of a hammer, a few nails, and some glue.  However, it does require a methodical approach, an appropriate division of labour, a clear understanding of the end goal, careful attention to detail, and keeping one eye on the clock.   Which team will build the best hive, and will the bees want to live in it?

Which team’s bees will be the happiest, and who will make the most honey?  At the end of the season the winning team will receive a certificate – and everyone will receive a pot of honey from the hive they helped to build!

This unique exercise continues long after your day with us has ended because teams will receive regular hive progress reports and photo updates throughout the year – right up to the honey harvest.

The Science of the Swarm


Designed for groups with technical, scientific or pharmaceutical interests, this option looks at some of the more extraordinary aspects of honey bee science and behaviour.  Find out about the Victorian discovery that made it possible for humans to keep bees in boxes – and what that has to do with champagne!  Discover how bees engineer their nests from wax cells for maximum efficiency and how humans have copied their designs.  You will also find out how honey bees were building their own version of the internet millions of years before humans even thought of it, and how bees could be next weapon in the war against terrorism!  You can also discover some of the amazing properties of bee products, including honey, wax, silk, and the incredible but little-known substance called propolis.


Please contact us if you like the sound of any of the above.  We can combine any of these events or even suggest others to suit your needs and interests.


This fascinating session will compare human organisations to the way that bees do business.  You will find out how bees make important decisions, communicate throughout their organisation, plan leadership succession, discover, maximise and protect income streams,  organise their workflow, design infrastructure, undertake research and development, maintain a flexible workforce, achieve non-hierarchical teamwork, and even plan for worst-case scenarios. 

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Once a successful hive has been built we will even populate it with a real colony of bees and maintain it according to management decisions made by your teams during their time with us. 

It’s up to You...


No two A to Bee events are ever the same, and we enjoy designing days to suit your specific requirements.   We offer a range of facilitated teambuilding options to match your timescale, budget and business type. We cater for every level, from new recruits to senior management. You can spend the morning with us as part of an away-day gathering, or let us give you a whole day full of fascinating activities.


Here are some of the options we can offer.


The Buzz about Bees...

Honey bees are among the most fascinating and complex creatures on Earth.  Almost everything about their way of life is surprising and awe-inspiring.  If you want to give your guests a fun and thought-provoking day away from the cares of the office, then this option might be for you. 

We will show you how a honey bee colony works, describe the extraordinary processes involved in making honey and wax, and reveal the recently discovered secrets of honey bee communication.  There will be activities, honey tasting sessions, and a visit to the hive, where guests can put on a bee-suit before getting up-close-and-personal with tens of thousands of bees – but will they spot the queen?